Robert Kramer Retrospective [1975]


- 1975 / USA / English / Color / 206 min / 16mm

Directors, Script, Photography, Editing, Cast: Robert Kramer, John Douglas
Sound: Jane Schwartz, Philip Spinelli
Lighting: Philip Spinelli
Continuity, Sound Editing: Marilyn Mulford
Producers: Barbara Stone, David Stone
Cast: Grace Paley, Mary Chapelle, Sharon Krebs, and others
Production Company: New York Cinema
Source: Cinematrix

A masterpiece of the 1970s, this self-portrait film of the “Movement” generation closes one epoch and announces its possible rebirth. Six guiding stories intersect constantly in a vast mosaic that involves more than fifty characters spread across an immense canvas “from the snowy mountains of Utah to the natural sculptures of Monument Valley, to the caves of the Hopi Indians, and to the dirt and dust of New York City.” The lives and the behaviors of the survivors of the American radical left interweave inside the texture of society as they face political and personal changes.

--Milestones is the Fire-Air-Earth-People. It is a look at America in the 1970s and also a voyage in the past and the future. It is a film on rebirth—the rebirth of ideas and of faces, of images and sounds.”

—Robert Kramer and John Douglas (Festival Cinema Giovani 1997)

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