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  • Annyong Yumika

    (“Annyon Yumika”)

    - JAPAN / 2009 / Japanese / Color / Video / 119 min

    Director: Matsue Tetsuaki
    Photography: Matsue Tetsuaki, Kondo Ryuto, Yanagida Tomoki
    Editing: Matsue Tetsuaki, Toyosato Hiroshi
    Narrative Structure Adviser: Mukai Kosuke
    Music: Toyota Michinori
    Producer: Naoi Takatoshi
    Production Company, World Sales: Spotted Productions www.spotted.jp

    Actress Hayashi Yumika passed away suddenly in 2005. The filmmaker comes across Junko, a Married Woman in Tokyo, a Korean soft porn movie that she appeared in seven years ago, and begins interviewing her former colleagues to shed light on the mystery of her death. He also travels to significant places with three directors who filmed her. This docu-entertainment film connects the feelings various people, the director included, had about Hayashi Yumika, and culminates in a dynamic finale that re-creates reality.

    [Director’s Statement] What I understood from tracking Hayashi Yumika was that strong feeling can create reality. I got to know so much about what the power of film means through Yumika and the people who worked with her. I’d be happy if this reaches the audience, too.

    - Matsue Tetsuaki

    Born in Tachikawa City, Tokyo in 1977. His graduation film Annyong Kimchi (1999), which drew a portrait of his Zainichi Korean family, won Special Mention and the NETPAC Special Mention at YIDFF ’99 New Asian Currents, and the Bunka-cho Film Prize. The film has screened at film festivals in Japan and abroad. His films include Every Japanese Woman Makes Her Own Curry (2003) and Identity (2004, YIDFF 2005). Dotei wo Produce (2007) marked a success in its theatrical release. Live Tape (2009) will be released soon.