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    - AUSTRALIA / 2008 / English, Japanese / Color / Video / 52 min

    Director, Writer, Producer: Sekiguchi Yuka
    Photography: Kim Batterham, ACS
    Sound: Jeremy Ireland, Leo Sullivan, Daren Clark
    Editing: Mark Fox
    Producer: Nicki Roller
    Production Company: Fat Productions Pty Ltd.
    World Sales: SBS Content Sales (Fiona Gilroy) www.sbs.com.au/contentsales/

    The filmmaker had a “large build” from childhood, and after she moved to Australia in her twenties she raced headlong toward obesity. Entering her 50s, after having a baby, she finally heeded her doctor’s warnings and started a diet. As she faces up to her own demons, she gradually plumbs her memories and examines her relationship with her parents. This self-documentary, filled with laughter and tears, was broadcast in prime time on Australian television with high ratings for the network.

    [Director’s Statement] It was more than 15 years ago that my When Mrs. Hegarty Comes to Japan was screened at the Sydney Film Festival. After the screening, I was approached by an Asian man with a broad smile. He said, “I enjoyed your film very much. It was very funny, but at the same time I was moved. You’re greatly talented in comedy. Why don’t you pursue comedy in documentary?” It was the director Ang Lee. His kind words have stayed with me since. I finally answered that challenge with this documentary.

    Fat Chance is an extremely personal documentary, telling the story of my own weight problems. What I really wanted to attempt as a filmmaker was to push the boundaries by becoming the subject of my own film. How much would I expose myself to the camera and when and how would I decide it was enough?

    I am so looking forward to sharing Fat Chance with people in Yamagata.

    Sekiguchi Yuka

    Born in 1957 in Yokohama. Her first documentary, Senso Daughters, was released in 1989 to critical acclaim, followed by many awards both in Japan and overseas. After When Mrs. Hegarty Comes to Japan was released in 1992, Sekiguchi got married, became a mother, and divorced. Fat Chance was born as a result of her life experiences during that time. She is currently teaching at Sydney Film School.