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  • Memory of spider and moth

    (“Kumo to hamushi no kioku”)

    - JAPAN / 2008 / Japanese / Color / Video / 33 min

    Director, Photography, Editing, Source: Omori Hiroki

    A drunken lover. An anti-romantic friend. The soliloquy of a cat. Days pass in the “now,” while the imagination turns to the distant future and unknown past. Equipped with an eye in the form of a camera extended in his right hand, the filmmaker extracts utterly ordinary fragments of time. This personal film warmly portrays the vacillations of everyday life through accumulated frames capturing small moments.

    [Director’s Statement] I moved to Tokyo from Yamagata after I finished this film. When I was cleaning out my flat, I found a yellowed receipt.

    A receipt from the day I moved to Yamagata.

    It was April 5th, 2002, and I was living on my own for the first time. I was amused that I had bought up all those irrelevant things. Once you think about whether to throw away or keep them, these silly little things are bound to be discarded.

    Later, such things sometimes come to play a clear role, suddenly, as if it was determined from the start.

    There are many little things and little happenings in my life. Looking forward to the moment when they start to play some role in my work, I roll my camera again today.

    - Omori Hiroki

    Born in 1983 in Miyagi Prefecture. Graduated from the MA program at Tohoku University of Art & Design. He currently works as an independent filmmaker.