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    (“Anna no michi—watashi kara anata e . . .”)

    - JAPAN, THAILAND / 2009 / Thai / Color / Video / 70 min

    Director, Photography, Editing, Sound: Naoi Riyo
    Production Company, World Sales: Asia Press International

    Anna, who contracted HIV from her ex-husband, cares for orphans infected with HIV and makes a living selling eggs with her new husband, Pom. Anna grows strong with mutual support from friends she met at the daycare center. At the same time, the community deepens its understanding of people living with AIDS. Ten years pass, and Anna deals with her daughter’s adolescence and changes in her relationship with Pom. This Thailand-based Japanese filmmaker depicts a life bathed in sunlight with images full of emotion.

    [Director’s Statement] I met Anna in northern Thailand in 2000. It’s been nine years since then. Anna has made me think deeply about what it means to live. Through Anna’s life as a mother, a daughter, and a wife, I depicted the joy and sorrow of living.

    - Naoi Riyo

    Born in 1970 in Ibaraki Prefecture, a member of Asia Press International. Naoi has lived in Thailand since 1999. Path of Anna is a sequel to Yesterday Today Tomorrow (YIDFF 2005). Production was supported by the AND Fund, administered by the Pusan International Film Festival.