Poster Design


Call-for-entries Poster Design

Our call-for-entries poster was designed in conjunction with graphic design students at Tohoku University of Art & Design. 10 designs were selected by the university’s teaching staff, which were then vetted by the festival office and board members of the YIDFF’s NPO, and third-year student Sato Natsuki’s entry was chosen as the winner.

Message from Sato Natsuki: Japan’s first passenger locomotive in Yamagata City was a driving force running through the lives of many people for many years. However, only a few ever saw its inner workings. Similarly, there are also unseen stories hidden behind the things that we see everyday. I designed this poster with the thought that the very tracks we follow are what constitute reality and documentary, and the hope that many different people will take the chance to discover the truths found in these films that even the person wielding the camera may not have been aware of.