Documentary Box was a journal devoted to covering recent trends in making and thinking about documentaries. 28 issues were published from September 1992 to October 2007.

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Documentary Box #28 (October 7, 2007)

Why Did YIDFF Become an NPO?  Miyazawa Hiraku  | The End of an Era  Yano Kazuyuki  | Yamagata’s Place in Asia  Fujioka Asako  | “Why Not?” / “Yarisugi”: The Yamagata Way  Abé Mark Nornes  | Learning from Documentary Box: Film Festivals beyond Government and Academia  Aaron Gerow  | Film Festivals as Culture  Murayama Kyoichiro  | Film Festivals: A Grower’s Guide  Ann Tomoko Yamamoto  | Spreading the Film Festival  Asakawa Shiho  | Memories of the Film Festival  Yamaguchi Atsushi  | Afterword  Ono Seiko

Documentary Box #27 (February 5, 2007)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #25: Mori Tatsuya
  2. Things Seen from Movies about the Self—Japanese and Swiss Personal Documentaries  Setoguchi Miki
  3. Israeli Documentaries  Shumulik Duvdevani
  4. Docbox Books
    Ian Aitken, ed., Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film, 3 Volumes  Charles Musser
    Matsumoto Toshio, The Discovery of the Image: Avant-garde and Documentary  Hirasawa Go

Documentary Box #26 (October 7, 2005) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #24: Oh Deok-soo
  2. Self-Documentary: Its Origins and Present State  Nada Hisashi
  3. Documentary in Mainland China  Lin Xu-dong
  4. Docbox Books
    Harvey O’brien, The Real Ireland  Ruth Barton
    Kamanaka Hitomi, Kim Sung-woong, Kana Tomoko, The Power of Documentary  Mori Tatsuya
    Mori Tatsuya, Documentaries Lie  Kamanaka Hitomi

Documentary Box #25 (August 25, 2005) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #23: Sato Makoto
  2. Sentimentalism and De-politicization: Some Problems of Documentary Culture in Contemporary Taiwan  Kuo Li-hsin
  3. Fifteen Years of Committed Documentaries in Korea: From Sangge-dong Olympic to Repatriation  Nam In-young
  4. Docbox Books
    Kubota Yukio, The Sound of Film, Can You Hear It?  Okada Hidenori
    David Clandfield, Pierre Perrault and the Poetic Documentary  Scott MacKenzie

Documentary Box #24 (March 10, 2005) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #22: Matsumura Teizo
  2. African Film Festivals in Focus  David Anthony
  3. The Good, the Bad, and the Documentary: On Deontology of Representation and Ethics of Interpretation  Kees Bakker
  4. Docbox Books
    Fang Fang, A History of Chinese Documentary Film  Shan Wanli
    Michael Renov, The Subject of Documentary  Kris Fallon

Documentary Box #23 (May 10, 2004) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #21: Matsukawa Yasuo
  2. Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2003
    The War of Images Has Begun  Nakazato Isao
    Behind th Scenes: Documentaries in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong  Maggie Lee
  3. Documentaries South of the Clouds  Fujioka Asako
  4. Docbox Books
    Lu Xinyu, Documenting China: The Contemporary Documentary Movement in China  Feng Yan
    Richard Kilborn, Staging the Real: Factual TV Programming in the Age of Big Brother  Ann Yamamoto

Documentary Box #22 (October 10, 2003) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #20: Takamine Go
  2. Making the Cuts—On Film Censorship in India  Shradha Sukumaran
  3. Variations on the Musical Image: An Interview with Philip Glass  James Tobias
  4. Docbox Books
    Abé Mark Nornes, Japanese Documentary Film: The Meiji Era through Hiroshima  Jeffrey Isaacs
    Independent Documentary Research Group, Korean Independent Documentaries  Yoon Yong-soon
    Nick Deocampo, Cine: Spanish Influences on Early Cinema in the Philippines  Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr.

Documentary Box #21 (May 31, 2003) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #19: Tokieda Toshie
  2. Sleepy Consciousness of Thai Documentary Film  Chalida Uabumrungjit
  3. The Agony of Thoughts of History: Guy Debord and the Cinema of the Situationists  Jean-François Rauger
  4. Docbox Books
    Jeffrey Ruoff, An American Family: A Televised Life  Anna Grimshaw
    Suzuki Hitoshi, Birth of the Screen (“Gamen no tanjo”)  Sato Keiichi

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  • The editors welcome submissions to Documentary Box. Submissions of articles on recent trends or issues in world documentary, on national documentary cinemas (particularly those of Asia), or by filmmakers on their own work are particularly encouraged. The editors reserve the right to make the final decision regarding publication. Inquiries should be directed to the editors.
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