Contents #11–20

Documentary Box #20 (September 13, 2002) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #18: Kawaguchi Hajime
  2. Net Documentaries and Blockbusters in South Korea  Kim So-young
  3. Probing a Void in Documentary Film History: The Rise and Fall of the Nippon Eigasha Jakarta Studio Okada Hidenori
  4. Docbox Books
    Brian Winston, Lies, Damn Lies and Documentaries  Kees Bakker
    Garrett Stewart, Between Film and Screen: Modernism’s Photo Synthesis  Jonathan M. Hall

Documentary Box #19 (April 25, 2002) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #17: Otsu Koshiro
  2. A Roundtable on Barbara Hammer’s Devotion
    with Ann Hui, Sato Makoto and Abé Mark Nornes
  3. Towadrs a Theory of Ogawa Shinsuke’s Filmmaking  Ueno Koshi
  4. Covering Yamagata Doc’s Kingdom
  5. Docbox Books
    Jane Roscoe and Craig Hight, Faking It  Tochigi Akira
    Patricia Rodden Zimmermann, State of Emergency: Documentaries, Wars, Democracies  Wakai Makiko
    Segawa Yuji, The Charm of Beauty: The Truth about Riefenstahl  Okumura Masaru

Documentary Box #18 (October 3, 2001) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #16: Kuroki Kazuo
  2. Stefan Jarl, Environmental Filmmaker  Jerry White
  3. A Camera without Johan van der Keuken  Kees Bakker
  4. Docbox Books
    Wu Wenguang, Document: Xianchang (“Document: The Scene”)  Wong Ain-ling
    Andy Masaki Bellows and Marina McDougall with Brigitte Berg, Science is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painlevé  Hanna Rose Shell

Documentary Box #17 (June 25, 2001) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Interview with Helen van Dongen
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #15: Kubota Yukio
  3. The “Japanese Women Filmmakers” Conference  Mizoguchi Akiko
  4. Docbox Books
    François Niney, L’épreuve du réel à l’écran. Essai sur le principe de réalité documentaire  Bernard Eisenschitz
    Sato Makoto, Dokyumentarii no chihei  kitakoji Takashi

Documentary Box #16 (December 1, 2000) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #14: Kawase Naomi
  2. Interview with Kim Longinotto
  3. Three Arab Women Documentary Filmmakers  Magda Wassef
  4. Docbox Books
    Kees Bakker, ed. Joris Ivens and the Documentary Context  Michael Chanan
    Mori Tatsuya, A Diary of Filming “A”  Richard A. Gardner
    Jeffrey Ruoff & Kenneth Ruoff, The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On  Ishizaka Kenji

Documentary Box #15 (April 15, 2000) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #13: Tsuchiya Yutaka
  2. Documentary in the Age of Digital Reproduction
  3. From Small Screen to Big Screen  Howie G. Severino
  4. The Sixteenth Jerusalem Film Festival  Watabe Minoru

Documentary Box #14 (October 10, 1999) (SOLD OUT)

  1. A Way of Seeing  Kees Bakker
  2. An Interview with Garin Nugroho
  3. Representations of Pacific Islanders in Film and Video  Vilsoni Hereniko
  4. Documentary Film in South Asia  Deepak Thapa

Documentary Box #13 (August 10, 1999) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentarists of Japan, #12: Koreeda Hirokazu
  2. ASIA TALKS  Fujioka Asako
  3. Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival Report (Part1)  Miyazawa Hiraku
  4. Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival Report (Part2)  Kawaguchi Hajime
  5. Making Films about Social Welfare: Moving Forward and Back Again  Yanagisawa Hisao

Documentary Box #12 (March 10, 1999) (SOLD OUT)

  1. A Discussion with Frederick Wiseman and Robert Kramer
  2. An Interview with Jon Jost
  3. Starting an Asian Cinema: Laos Past and Present  Som Ock Southiponh
  4. 4th Sarajevo Film Festival  Matsuyama Fumiko

Documentary Box #11 (January 31, 1998) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Transformations in Film as Reality (Part 6): On the Virtues and Limitations of Collage  Paul Arthur
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #11: Oki Hiroyuki
  3. Chinese Documentary at Home in the World  Chris Berry