FINLAND / 1998 / English, Finnish / Color / 35mm (1:2.35) /44 min

Director, Script, Producer:
Ilppo Pohjola
Photography: Arto Kaivanto
Editing: Heikki Salo
Sound: Jim McKee Production
Crystal Eye Ltd.
Source: The Finnish Film Foundation
Kanavakatu 12, FIN - 00160 Helsinki FINLAND
Phone: 358-9-6220-3021 / Fax: 358-9-6220-3060
E-mail: ses@ses.fi

Ilppo Pohjola

Born in 1957. Vanguard Finnish filmmaker. His works Daddy and the Muscle Academy (1991) and P(l)ain Truth (1993) have each had nearly 100 film festival screenings. He is tremendously active in a variety of media including television, publishing, and art, and has even had a one - man exhibition of his photographs.

This conceptual film cruises a fine line between documentary and fiction, its dynamics of relentless tension, speed and destruction propelled by a mix of flashing images and driving music. A stunt - car that keeps running into crashes, female models who strike poses in rubber suits, thirteen gasoline stands from all over Finland. As these become the metaphor for the trials and tribulations for the encounter and relationships between men and women, the film reveals itself to be both a deconstruction of the narrative structure of classical cinema, as well as emphatically idiosyncratic on its own terms. This is a film to be experienced as a catharsis without the intervention of logic. But the experience of viewing the images, which (apart from whether or not this was the director's actual intention) seem to depict a post - nuclear war landscape from the science fiction of the near future, imprint the viewer's memory with a revalationary vision of the ruin of civilization seeming to run under its own power, or alternatively, an aesthetic of decadent beauty. [Fukushima Yukio]

COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee