Fernando Is Back
Fernando Ha Vuelto

CHILE / 1998 / Spanish / Color / Video / 31 min

Silvio Caiozzi
Photography: Silvio Caiozzi, David Bravo, Nelson Fuentes
Editing: Silvio Caiozzi, David Bravo
Sound: Iván Osnovikoff, Bettina Perut
Producer: Guadalupe Bornand
Production Company, Source: Caiozzi Y Garcia Limitada
Federico Froebel No. 1755 Santiago de Chile
Phone:56-2-2099031 / Fax:56-2 -2048988
E-mail: camilo@entelchile.net

Silvio Caiozzi

Born in 1944. Has served as President of the Filmmakers Association of Chile and as juror for numerous film festivals. Cinematographer for a dozen feature films and director of more than 300 commercials. Produced and directed features Julio Comienza en Julio (1979) and La Luna en el Espejo (1990).

Since the return of democratic rule to Chile in 1990, unidentified human remains that were buried without record during the Pinochet dictatorship (1973 - 1989) have been unearthed at sites all across the country. The eponymous Fernando, Fernando Olivares Mori (27 at the time of death), is one of these. A former United Nations employee who disappeared like thousands of other political prisoners, Fernando was buried some twenty - five years ago. Once his body was disinterred, the procedure for clearly establishing the identity of his remains took another four years. The film opens with Fernando's family as they face his remains and listen to a detailed explanation from the female doctors of the medical verifications that were performed.
From their testimony, we learn of the spine - chilling, cold - blooded acts that meant Fernando's end, but it is the camera in its icy stillness and steely determination that captures the high tension of the scene. There is no fervent brandishing of sticks, no passionate screaming of political slogans here. Rather, a resolute will to resist inhumanity is distilled in the somber tranquillity that runs through the film, giving it the universal power to persuade.
[Fukushima Yukio]

COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee