The Wound That Does Not Bleed
Iduma Elingopiyo

SOUTH AFRICA / 1998 / Xhosa, Afrikaans, English / B&W, Color / Video /60 min

Director: Kali van der Merwe, Davide Tosco
Photography: Davide Tosco 
Editing: Dinah Arnott
Music: Davide Tosco
Sound: Felicia Grove, Lulamile Mohapi, Patrick Hickey
Producer: Kali van der Merwe
Production Company, Source: Other-Wise media with youth
World Sales: True Stories
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Phone:49-221-932 0183 / Fax:49 -221-932 0184
E-mail: truestories@gmx.de

Kali Van der Merwe

Born in 1964 in Johannesburg. Studied sculpting at University of Cape Town and worked as an artist and teacher. Made her first short film, Wounded in 1993. Was the co - founder in 1996 of "Other - Wise media and youth," an organization dedicated to helping children and youth living on the streets of Cape Town.

Davide Tosco

Born in 1969 in Turin. Has done work for German TV, especially as a cameraman. Has also directed radio programs. In 1996 - 97 worked with Kali Van der Merwe to make Scars, a documentary on the friendship of two street children in Cape Town.

This film, shot over the space of two years, looks deep into the world of Cape Town's street children. The majority of these children have left their families because they could no longer bear the poverty, physical abuse, alcoholism, and neglect they faced, choosing instead a life on the streets. But, the new environment rarely means better conditions. Living from day to day on charity and petty crime, they face disease, drug abuse, the elements, harassment from the authorities, rape, and all kinds of exploitation at the hands of older gangs. Amidst the violence that surrounds them, they do their best to protect each other, and they gain a sense of belonging from the families they form.
The camera closely follows the daily life of these children, traversing with them the numerous terrains they cover. In one of these places, the illegal shantytown that most originally hail from, the camera captures the torment and anguish of a mother whose child has left home for the streets. Dedicated to these children who survive day by day thanks only to their own strength and quick wits, the film gives these children, each with their own character, a chance to tell their stories in their own words.
[Fukushima Yukio]

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