Do Sanh - The Last Film
Do Sanh - Der Letzte Film

GERMANY / 1998 / German, Vietnamese/ Color / Video / 99 min

Director, Script, Producer: Hans - Dieter Grabe
Photography: Tran Dung Tien, Horst Bendel, Kurt Werner Drews, Carl Franz Hutterer, Hans-Dieter Grabe
Editing: Carla Sperber, Elfi Kreiter
Commissioning Editor: Horst Kalbus
Production Company: ZDF
Source: ZDF Enterprise
P.O.Box4023,55030 Mainz GERMANY
Phone:49-6131-991280 / Fax:49-6131-991259

Hans - Dieter Grabe

Born in 1937 in Dresden. Studied documentary filmmaking in Potsdam - Babelsberg. Has worked for more than 30 years making documentaries, mainly for ZDF in Mainz. Filmography includes more than 50 documentaries on a range of topics including a half - dozen works on Vietnam. Has also published widely on documentary.

The full fate of a young man orphaned and disabled by the Vietnam War becomes clear after twenty - eight years of documenting him. There is much to be said, but a silent prayer is needed first, for this film is also a requiem to the children who have died - and who continue to die - in war. It is required viewing for all those who bear the responsibility for war and for all who wage it, no matter whether that war be for justice, for defense, for greed, for self - interest, for fear - whatever the reason. But before we put too much hope in those in power, it is a film that each one of us should pay close attention to.
At the age of 8 Do Sanh was orphaned and so badly wounded that he would require permanent care. After five years in German hospitals he returned to Vietnam in 1974. The surrender of South Vietnam, his escape from internment, his life as a beggar and day laborer, reform schools, his marriage to a woman paralyzed by polio, the birth of a daughter in spite of his war injuries, work as a rickshaw driver, his worsening illness, pain, morphine, drug addiction, AIDS -
.[Fukushima Yukio]

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