The Valley
UK / 1999 / Serbian, Albanian / Color / Video (orig.Super 16mm) / 70 min

Director, Producer: Dan Reed
Photography: Jacek Petrycki
Editing: Stefan Ronowicz
Music: John Murphy, David Hughes
Pat Boland
Production Company, Source:
Mentorn Barraclough Carey / Suspect Device
World Sales: Channel Four International
Channel Four Television, 124 Horseferry Road, London SW1P2TX UK
Phone:44-171-306-8440 / Fax:44-171-306-8362
E-mail: jkimberlin@channel4.co.uk

Dan Reed

Documentary filmmaker who has worked mainly for the BBC. His first film, The Cape of Fear (1994) records the doings of a Cape Town gang from the inside. He also made The Family Game (1995), about a consultant who will introduce rich outsiders (such as Ivana Trump) into English "Society." Other works include The Partners (1995), The Bubble (1997), and The Unlikely Lads (1998).

The opening of this film captures an idyllic scene of trailing smoke beyond a beautiful green plain. Once it becomes apparent that the smoke is the result of a fire set by Serbs, the film becomes suddenly relentless as a real - time war documentary made in the middle of the Kosovo ethnic conflict.
The filming took place last year in Drenica Valley where the Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) had its base. Interviews with people on both sides - agony, mistrust and hate on both sides; on both sides the perception of a long history of vicimization. The immediate cause of the conflict came in 1989 when President Milosovich declared Kosovo's right of self - government invalid and introduced the Serbian police into the region. Alice Mead's Adem's Cross (1996) details the tension and fear in everyday life as a consequence of this policy.
In September 1998, the Serbs began a full - scale attack against the KLA, and the camera captures the new suffering of refugees and the horrifying madness of a war in which one faces constant despondency. The film discloses the deep desolation of the spirit of national leaders as well as the great courage of the members of the film crew who brought their cameras to the war site before the NATO bombings began.
[Fukushima Yukio]

COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee