Berlin - Cinema (Titre Provisoire)
SWITZERLAND, FRANCE / 1997/ French, German, English, Kurdish/ B&W, Color / Video / 106 min

Director, Script: Samira Gloor-Fadel
Photography: Philippe Bonnier, Patrice Cologne S.C.S.,
Samira Gloor-Fadel, Denis Jutzeler S.C.S., Jacques Loiseleux,
Sohpie Maintigneux, Hugues Ryffel S.C.S.
Editing: Camille Bordes-Resnais, etc.
Sound: Jean-Paul Mugel, Peter Henrici, Daniela Bürgin
Music: Mahmut Démir, Jean-Louis Valéro
Narration: Rüdiger Vogler
Producer: Jean-Yves Gloor
Production Company, Source: Les Films de la Terrasse sa
(in cooperation with La Sept-ARTE, Paris)
9, rue de la Clergère, P.O. Box 479, CH-1800 Vevey
Phone:41-21-9236000 / Fax:41-21-9236001
E-mail: jyg@terrasse.ch

Samira Gloor - Fadel

Born 1955 in Beirut. Journalist in Lebanon. Went to Brussels to study cinematography. Photographer, camerawoman, and screenwriter. This is her first directorial outing.

This is a reflective road movie about wandering in Berlin, described in poetic images and a beautiful silence infused with Wim Wenders' theory of film. Without pointing to anything on the screen, language citing Godard and references to Ozu, Lang, Antonioni, Fassbinder, Ford and Lumière float in the air and wander nomadic through time. With the camera attracted to the lack of existence, as if after the extinction of the human race, the film evokes a pleasant liberty, solitude and melancholy as if, after Baudelaire, "the autumn of speculation had already come."
The dialogue between Wenders and the architect is full of the wonderful suspense of people facing one another directly and deepening their relationship through conversation. And the scene of the relationship between the man and woman filmed in Alexanderplatz Station as fiction becomes ironically the ultimate expression of rich humanity.
This is a fine piece of work which gives poetry, truth and comfort to those of us who have been caught up in film (or trapped by it) for a long time and yet are not aware of it. [Fukushima Yukio]

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