Mamazônia-The Last Forest
Mamazônia-A Ultima Floresta

BRAZIL / 1997 / Portuguese, English / Color / 16mm / 108 min

Director: Brasília Mascarenhas, Celso Luccas
Script: Brasilia Mascarenhas
Photography, Editing: Celso Luccas
Music: Celso Luccas, Renato Pian Sound: Chico Bororo
Narration: Peter Fry, Robin Sherif
Producer: Brasília Mascarenhas
Production Company, Source:MBrasil
Cinematografica - Cidade Das Artes
R. Manoel Carneiro534, Itanhandu
Minas Gerais BRAZIL
Phone / Fax:55-35-3611057
E-mail: cidadedasartes@altanet.com.br

Braslia Mascarenhas

Brazilian filmmaker. Has collaborated with Celso Luccas for more than20 years. Together the two brought their works to audiences around Brazil not usually afforded access to film. Their most recent film is Parque de Serra (1998).

Celso Luccas

Brazilian filmmaker active since the ' 70s. His earlier films took up political themes such as the struggle for independence in Mozambique. Author of Cinema Ambulante about his experience showing films all around Brazil. His later films deal with environmental issues.

A kind of road movie which progresses through layers of visual sketches from the entrance of the Amazon tropical forest to its unfathomable depths. A torrent of settlers seeking El Dorado - the dream and the reality - the lives of native people, the destruction of nature by multinational corporations from around the world, rivers polluted by mercury used in the process of gold extraction, the harmful effects of slash - and - burn farming, the threats to the survival of wild animals....
This, however, is not a film that seeks protection for the ecosystem and environment of the Amazon, the earth's lungs, or to clamor against the sins of civilization. Neither is it a work styled as a lecture and based on thorough research.
The diffuse and loosely structured images, "unsophisticated"in a sense, are a far cry from the stereotypical and established harmony we have become familiar with on TV. And it slowly but surely opens our eyes and consciousness to the on - going chaos of deepest Amazon.
[Fukushima Yukio]

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