The Last Documentary
Der Letzte Dokumentarfilm

GERMANY / 1999 / German, English, Dutch / Color / 35mm (1:1.37) /65 min

Director, Script: Daniel D. Sponsel, Jan Sebening
Photography: Anne de Clercq
Editing: Ulrike Tortora
Music: Bernd Friedmann
Sound: Giel van Geloven
Narration: Daniel D. Sponsel
Production Company, Source: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film Mumchen
Abt. III Film und Fernsehspiel, Frankenthaler StraBe23, 81539 Munchen, GERMANY
Phone:49-89-68957-330 / Fax:49-89-68957-339

Daniel D. Sponsel

Born in Hamburg in 1964. Trained as an electrician. Studied visual communication in Kassel and Hamburg. Since 1992 has been a student at the Film Academy (HFF) in Munich.

Jan Sebening

Born in Freiburg in 1967. Degree in physics from the Technical University of Munich. Studied at the Film Academy (HFF) in Munich and since 1995 has been a student at the NFTVA in Amsterdam.

This intellectual film, a documentary on documentaries, is bound to please both documentary fans - if such people exist - and those unhappy souls who are slaves to the visual.
With an open point of departure that renounces fixed, conventional definitions of the genre, The Last Documentary moves across black - and - white and color formats, film sizes, and film, digital, and Webcam images, putting each of the objects it scrutinizes into a relative perspective. Such agility establishes it comfortably as a work, sophisticated in its grasp of media theory, that can lead the way for us into the next century.
Appearing in the film are Johan van der Keuken (on seeing and being seen), Richard Leacock (on objectivity and participation), Werner Herzog (on poetry and truth), Werner Penzel (on curiosity and reportage), Klaus Wildenhahn (on the adventure of the quotidian), Nicolas Humbert (on the unknown and the intimate), and Volker Koepp (on the participation and poetry.)
[Fukushima Yukio]

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