Dear Sis:
CANADA, U.S.A. / 1998 / English / Color / Video / 5 min

Director, Photography, Producer: Ho Tam
Narration: Alison Moritsugu
Source: Video Pool Inc.
#300-100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 1H3
Phone:1-204-949-9134 / Fax:1-204-942-1555

Ho Tam

Born in Hong Kong and educated in Toronto, Canada. Worked in advertising firms and community psychiatric facilities before turning to art. He works in a diverse mix of disciplines including painting, video, print and public art and has exhibited in various cities across North America. His first video, The Yellow Pages, was commissioned by the public arts group Public Access for an installation/ projection at Union Station in Toronto in 1994-95. Tam currently lives in New York City and is a graduate of Whitney Museum Independent Studies Program and a recent artist-in-residence at Charles Street Video, Toronto. He is working on his new tape, Matinee Idol.

Dear Sis, I am sitting on the subway and all of a sudden I have this urge to write to you..." Here begins an apology letter written from one sister to another. The video is a simple and straightforward examination of the connection and distinction between one person and the next in the world we live in. The letter is an actual one, written by the director, which was never sent. Images are filmed on a subway train in New York City.
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COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee