iRAN / 1998 / Persian / Color / 35mm/ 35 min

Director: Mahvash Sheykh-al-Eslami
Photography: Morteza Poorsamadi
Editing: Abass Ganjavi
Music: Atabardi Vojdani
Source: Iranian Young Cinema Society
Ghandi Ave. 19th St. No. 20, P.O. Box 15175/163, Tehran IRAN
Phone & Fax: 98-21-8795675

M. Sheykh-al-eslami

Born in 1946. Graduated from London Film School, directing many fiction films and documentaries. Her directing experience includes:
Dear Uncle Napoleon (1975), Hezardastan, Sarbedaran, Mirza Kochak Khan. Her documentary films are: The Ball (1973), Hygene, The Ghirokazerin Earthquake, Kangan, White Garments(1996), and The Hands (1997).

In a village at the foot of a breathtaking mountain range lives Altina, a young woman who is expecting a baby. In the daily rhythm of her quiet and solitary life, breeding silkworms and doing housework, she feels at peace with herself and the world. Ever waiting for her long-absent husband to return, her belly is growing. Her silkworms eat away a room-full of mulberry leaves - and are nurtured just like her anticipation for the coming child.
Director's Statement

The village "Yel cheshme" is where the film was photographed. Being there led me to understand the loneliness of women, and the silence of mountains better. A kind of silence and calm which teaches us to be powerful against difficulties. Documentary filmmaking causes us to find out these virgin places and isolated people.

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