Two Guys Go Hunting

TAIWAN / 1998 / Taiwanese, Mandarin / Color / Video / 49 min

Director, Script, Photography, Sound, Editing, Narration: Chen Shuo Yi (Christopher Chen)
Music: Chen Sheng, Wu Chun-li
Source: Chen Shuo Yi
No 170-1, Chia-Pei Li, Shan Hua, Tainan county, TAIWAN
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Christopher Chen
(Chen Shuo Yi)

Born in 1972 in Tainan, Taiwan, Chen received his BA in Visual Communications at the World Journalism College. He currently studies at the Graduate Institute of Sound and Image Studies in Documentary, Tainan National College of the Arts. Two Guys Go Hunting (1996) received the Best Non-Commercial Film Award at the First Taipei Film Festival in 1998. The film Homeland Sunset (1996) received the Best Film Award at the Golden Grain Awards for Short Films and Videos in 1996 and 1998 Annual R.O.C. Documentary Awards.

Comical TV program made to look like a documentary? A cynical joke played on the media? Serious commentary on the transient nature of friendship? - Whatever it is, the two protagonists and their accomplice (the cameraman / director) keep the story moving. Starting fast-paced and ending solemnly, quirky things never stop happening. An alarm wails (literally) when a married man's hidden affair is found out by his wife.

Director's Statement

"If possible, one day we'll hold an exhibit by ourselves," promised the two guys to each other when they were employed at a big exhibit of world discovery.
When Liu finished his military service but didn't know what job to take, he remembered that promise with his friend Fung, and went from the north to the south of the island to visit him. They then went to the mountains together to catch wild animals and insects for the planned exhibit.
When the media "discovers" them, the two insect-hunting buddies pose as eco-conscious experts on Taiwan's exotic species, even though they've never had a steady job or any formal training in their entire lives. Under the operative guise called "Nature's Outback Workshop," they devise original strategies to reap fame and fortune from their newfound celebrity. Crafty swindlers or gallant pioneers, the boys have a jolly good time on an adventure that eventually changes their lives.
The two guys saved me when I lost my way on a mountain one night, and so I made the film to thank them.

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