Between Us Two... Beirut
LEBANON / 1993 / English, Arabic / Color / Video (orig. Super 16mm) / 52 min

Director, Script: Dima Al Joundi
Photography: Hassan Naammani
Editing: Mireille Abromovici
Music: Toufic Farroukh
Sound: Ricardo Castro
Producer: Jean-Pierre Lambrechts
Production Company, Source: Wallonie Image Production,
Quai des Ardennes, 16, 17-B-4020 Liege BELGIUM
Phone: 32-43431127
Fax: 32-43430729
E-mail: wip@skynet.be

Dima Al Joundi

Born in Lebanon in 1966. Left Lebanon in 1984 for Belgium, where she studied script writing and editing at the INSAS. Worked mostly in editing from 1988 for TV dramas, documentaries, commercial ads, and features in Belgium. Between Us Two... Beirut was her first directorial film. She has since directed and produced a number of documentaries and docu-fiction works. Director of Crystal Films, a distribution company for Mediterranean and European films, and director of Beirut International Film Festival.

The story of two sisters, Dima and Rim, and the city where they grew up, Beirut. Dima left Lebanon in 1984 to study in Belgium. Rim never left and is a painter. The two have lived the events of Beirut to their fullest. Rim from the inside; fear, war, euphoria, happiness and beauty. Dima at a distance, through television, newspapers and letters. Desperately wanting to remove the distance between her and Beirut, Dima goes to visit her sister and to discover the postwar Beirut. This film, from 1993 Beirut, could be the story of so many war-torn families around the world today.

Director's Statement
This is the only film among the many films I've done that's left a part of me, of Dima in it. I wish I could do more personal films like it, but it is so difficult. Going through the production and distribution... it is an arduous process. But making such a film is like magic, starting out from a blank page and going over the theme, the emotions. It's certainly an accomplishment. It is a very special film to me.
Bringing emotion to the screen is the most difficult thing for me. Filmmaking is not only about camera or lighting or the technical aspects. I rather think the daily life of the film production is the most important. The editing, as you know, my background is in editing, and the shooting everyday builds up into a journey, a spiritual travel, a virtual travel, if you may, until the film's completion.
This is an honest film. Nobody asked me to do it, I made it solely because I wanted to. I wanted to produce a portrait of my sister, and I think it turned out to be a very passionate film.
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