After School
JAPAN / 1998 / Japanese/ Color /16mm / 20 min

Director, Producer, Photography, Editing, Narration: Kobayashi Shigeru
Sound: Kubota YukioAssistant Photography: Kashiwagi Shigeyuki
Line Producer: Fujimoto Yukihisa
Production Company, Source: After School Production Committee, Kyoei
c/o Tsubasa Club, 18-10-47, 4-jo, Tsukisamu-higashi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo , Hokkaido, 062-0054 JAPAN
Phone & Fax: 81-11-855-7388

Kobayashi Shigeru

Born in 1954 in Niigata Prefecture. After working as assistant director to documentary filmmaker Yanagisawa Hisao, he was cameraman for Living on the River Agano in 1992, for which he was awarded the First Japan JSC Award from the Japanese Society of Cinematogra-phers. As cinematographer, he has worked with Tokieda Toshie on Nomin to Tomoni and Chiiki o Tsumugu.Publications include Graphic Document SMON, a book of his photography. After School and Bicycles are his first films as director.

Among day care facilities for elementary school students, Tsubasa Club in Sapporo is a unique place. Children with and without disabilities play together after school, dancing folk dances, spinning tops, playing kendama. Tumbling around in total disorder in the tiny space, their brimming energy and their egalitarian sense of association with each other make this short film a revelation. First film by the cinematographer of Living on the River Agano.
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COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee