Jakarta Stock Shots: No. 7(TRK - Jakarta Volunteers Team on Humanity)
INDONESIA / 1999 / Indonesian / Color / Video / 19 min

Director, Script, Photography: Ron Puyundatu
Sound, Editing: Arswendi Nasution
Production Company, Source: Forum Kita
Jalan Pondok Kelapa VA Blok C.8/8, Jakarta 13450 INDONESIA
Phone: 62-21-8643590 / Fax: 62-21-4354454
E-mail: forkit@dnet.net.id

Ron Puyundatu

Born in Ujung Pandang (formerly Makassar), originally from Minahasa (North Sulawesi). Studied theater at Jakarta Institute of the Arts. Journeyed through Cirebon and Bali in 1979-83, gaining experience in traditional arts and cultural exchange. Organized Forum Kita & JKB (Jakarta / Indonesia Cultural Forum & Network). Also held film events in collaboration with Goethe-Institute Jakarta. Plans to hold event ' Retrospective documentary with Hartmut Bitomsky' in September 1999 in Jakarta. Became an independent film / video producer and director in 1998. This is his first documentary video. Now preparing documentaries: Early Morning Records, Jakarta Stock Shots (series), The Ballad of a Sudanese mask dancer, and Manadotua: A Small Mountain Island.

On Friday, Nov. 13, 1998, at Atmajaya Campus in the Semanggi area, Jakarta, 5,000 to 10,000 people gathered to rally for democracy. Suddenly the military forces opened fire. 19 people were killed and almost 500 wounded.
With his camera, Puyundatu captures sounds and images from the tragedy, but concerns himself not with recording the violence as a professional news journalist, but as a supporter of the activists. In particular he features the group TRK, a volunteer NGO working to support victims of military violence.
Puyundatu has been recording the activities of friends in the student movement and human rights movement since May 1998. Using Hi8, digital 1CCD and 3CCD cameras, he has compiled stock shots of over 100 tapes to date.

Director's Statement
What urged me to make this documentary was the wish to know what really happened in Jakarta in 1998. I think this is a great political change which will influence the next century.
In recent years, Indonesia experienced very basic changes - namely, knowledge about human rights, democracy, and environmental issues. It is a pity this basic change was not anticipated early enough by the old authorities, who were spoiled by their power and their pillars of supporters: business conglomerates, military forces, and bureaucrats.
In May 1998, a great rebellion occurred - that in fact had already been written in the attentive scenario of the changes in social politics, when the economic crisis struck Indonesia and Asia in 1997.
As for me, I followed a process of learning while recording - recording the Volunteers Team on Humanity (TRK), the street children and urban people living in poverty, the student movement, and the NGO activists' struggle.
What is captured in this documentary is not the most important, because when the victims died, their voices were deafened by the sound of shooting, and were not heard.
TRK tried to voice the silent screaming of the victims and dissolve government violence. Its initiative was like the only whispering hope up above the clouds. And yet despite the risk of becoming victims themselves, like Itta Martadinata and Bernardino Irawan, the members of TRK, most of them young people, did not lose the gaiety so common to youth.
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