I Am 17 Years Old in 1997

HONG KONG / 1997 / Cantonese / Color / Video / 9 min

Fan Yuk-man
Source: Zeman Media Centre, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Rm 708, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai HONG KONG
Phone: 852-2824-5310 / Fax: 852-2519-2030
E-mail: blam@hkac.org.hk

In recent years, the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards held annually by the Hong Kong Arts Centre has been stepping up its support for filmmaking by young people. Works by local teenagers awarded in the Youth Category exhibit a fresh creativity and originality, as seen in these two short videos.
While the media hype surrounding the Colony's 1997 handover to China was going on, ordinary Hong Kong kids continued with their daily lives. From cradle to grave, the handy camcorder is increasingly becoming an intricate part of family life in this part of the world

Director's Statement
One evening, a bunch of friends got together at my place. Bored and restless, we grabbed my brother's camcorder and started shooting around. It didn't cost anything anyway. Afterwards, we found the images realistic, interesting and very different from mainstream movies.

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