JAPAN / 1999 / Japanese/ Color /16mm / 30 min

Director, Producer, Photography, Editing, Narration: Kobayashi Shigeru Sound: Kubota YukioAssistant Photography: Kashiwagi Shigeyuki Line Producer: Fujimoto YukihisaProduction Company, Source: After School Production Committee, Kyoei c/o Tsubasa Club, 18-10-47, 4-jo, Tsukisamu-higashi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 062-0054 JAPAN
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Kobayashi Shigeru

Born in 1954 in Niigata Prefecture. After working as assistant director to documentary filmmaker Yanagisawa Hisao, he was cameraman for Living on the River Agano in 1992, for which he was awarded the First Japan JSC Award from the Japanese Society of Cinematogra-phers. As cinematographer, he has worked with Tokieda Toshie on Nomin to Tomoni and Chiiki o Tsumugu.Publications include Graphic Document SMON, a book of his photography. After School and Bicycles are his first films as director.

The children of Tsubasa Club go on a bicycle tour around Hokkaido during their summer vacation. The faces of 12 sixth graders in close-up are intent as they ride their bikes in total concentration. They learn that weather and their own health as well as the condition of others must be taken into consideration in their daily biking. A look at the challenges a diverse community m
ust face in working together.
Director's Statement
These two works After School and Bicycles are the result of having been inspired by the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival to believe in new possibilities for documentary film. It is fateful, too, that my encounter with the special daycare facility "Tsubasa Club" occurred during a photo exhibition of Ugandan children.
After School is an unusual work, a twenty-minute film made by rolling twenty-minutes of film stock. It's a crossing of myself with the energy of the children. What is the universe that was imprinted on my camera when I stepped into that forest of children? It is my first work as director.
Bicycles is the sequel to After School. It's a work made with long takes - something I couldn't use in After School, and from my desire to hear the voices emanating from children's hearts. "A hill stretches upward, close-ups of children's faces, track back, rain," that's all. After School and Bicycles.... The way in which I face each film is a bit different. That difference, too, is interesting. And will the film journey continue? The first step is to enjoy the Film Festival with everyone....
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